Get Involved in Vaulting

Everyone can get involved in vaulting. Children as young as five years old are vaulting, and even some of our parents like to vault at barrel competitions, just for fun!

Many of our coaches were competitive vaulters,and many are parents of vaulters. People from this sport like to remain involved, many feel they want to give back the support they received when they were competing.

Vaulting is a sport that encourages everyone to support everyone else. It is very much a team sport, even although vaulters compete individually, they still belong to a club. Older vaulters often help and support younger vaulters. And all clubs encourage vaulters to support vaulters from other clubs.

Each region has a summer camp, where all vaulters from the UK are encouraged to go to at least one summer camp, as not only is it great fun, but our vaulters get to know more people from the sport, and  learn so much more about how to do new moves and how to improve.

Our experienced coaches are also encouraged to support new coaches and there are also many coaching training days every year.

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