Team GBR 2014

World Equestrian Games 2014, Le Mans, France

Joanne Eccles wins Gold at WEG 2014. A truly formidable performance by Joanne vaulting on W.H. Bentley, lunged by John Eccles. So Joanne takes the Senior Individual Female World Champion title again! What an amazing achievement. and another medal for Team GBR.

Hannah Eccles secures 9th place in the Senior Individual Female class at WEG. Vaulting on W.H Bentley and lunged by John Eccles, this was another fantastic performance.

Lucy Phillips came 11th at WEG 2014, vaulting on Pitucelli, lunged by Liz Phillips

Pas de Deux, WEG 2014

Joanne and Hannah Eccles won the Bronze medal at WEG 2014 in the Pas de Deux, vaulting on W.H. Bentley and lunged by John Eccles.

Junior European Championships 2014, Kaposvar, Hungry

Both Andrew MacLachlan and Harry Cox represented Team GBR in the Junior Individual Male class. Sophie Aitchison and Shannon Purves performed in the Junior Individual Female class and SEVT represented Team GBR in the Junior Squad class.

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