Team GBR 2012

World Championships 2012, Le Mans, France

In 2012 Team GBR qualified to complete at the World Vaulting Championships in Le Mans, France.

Senior Individual Female

Top world ranking vaulter, Joanne Eccles had another very successful year securing 1st place in the Senior Individual Female class. Vaulting on W.H. Bentley and lunged by John Eccles, their performance was outstanding, winning then the World Cup

Hannah Eccles also completed in the Senior Individual Female class. Vaulting on W.H. Bently and lunged by John Eccles Hannah secured 8th place at the World Championships and was 2nd in the World Cup final. Hannah’s world ranking was 4th.

Team Eccles had certainly put British vaulting on the map, and their dedication and commitment was an enormous contribution to equestrian vaulting within the UK.

Senior Pas de deux

Joanne and Hannah Eccles won silver in the pas de deux, vaulting on W.H.Bentley, lunged by John Eccles

Senior Squad

EVS were selected to send a Senior Squad to the Worlds. The team were Sara Shortland, Lydia barham, Steph Hunter, Paige brown, William Jenkins & Jesscia Haynes, vaulting on Go For Gold and lunged by Julie Newell.

Junior European Championships, 2012, Penzionk

The Junior European Championships were also held in 2012 in Penzionk

Junior Pas de deux

Rebecca Norval and Andrew McLachlan won the Gold in the Pas de Deux, vaulting on Tylers Kernal and lunged by John Eccles.

Andrew McLachlan also secured third place in the Junior Individual Male class, so he was delighted to be going home with two medals from these Championships.

Junior Squad: SSS represents GBR

SSS represented Team GBR at the Junior Championships and they came 8th, lunged by Rebecca Hewit.

Junior Individual Female

Stacey MacPherson was 13th in the Junior Individual Female, lunged by Rebecca Hewit.

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