Rankings Results

2018 Rankings Results

New Rankings Calculation - 2018

Guide to Rankings 2018

General aims:


  1. Follow the principles of the FEI ranking system
  2. Placings in more advanced classes should be worth more points
  3. First place is better rewarded so that there is a clear benefit in coming first
  4. Limit ranking points to the top 4 placings
  5. Encourage vaulters to obtain high scores even in classes with low numbers with minimum scores limitation
  6. Encourage attendance at as many competitions as possible and particularly attendance at the British Championships

Ranking calculations:

  1. Did the vaulter achieve a minimum score (see table)?

Failure to achieve this score means no ranking points for that competition


Class Minimum final score required to achieve ranking points
1 Star 5.5
2 Star 6.0
3 Star 6.0


  1. Vaulter is allocated points according to their placing in that class


Regional competitions & Championships British Championships:
1 star 2 star 3 star 1 star 2 star 3 star
First 10 12 15 First 12 14 17
Second 7 9 12 Second 9 11 14
Third 5 7 10 Third 7 9 12
Fourth 4 6 9 Fourth 6 8 11

Where there is a draw all vaulters on that placing will receive the same points . This will mean that in some competitions more than 4 vaulters can score ranking points at that competition.


  1. The best 4 scores in any single category (Child Female, Child Male, Junior Female,  Junior Male,  Senior Female and Senior Male ) over the calendar year will be added together to determine the final ranking positions.


Changing age groups: Where a vaulter has changed age groups they may only use points from placings in that age group. E.g. a vaulter who competes in child 2 star at the start of the season and then changes into junior 2 star may not use points accrued in child classes towards a junior ranking.

Insufficient competitions: Vaulters must have competed in a minimum of 2 UK competitions to be considered for a ranking position.

No vaulters at a suitable level: Where no vaulters in an age group have obtained ranking points no ranking trophies will be awarded.

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