New Rankings Calculation

Due to the rule changes and each age group being split into star ratings, BEV have had to change the way the rankings are calculated.
From January 2016 the following system will apply to all BEV competitions.
Points will be awarded for each finishing place 1st-20th, except pre-novice which is 1st- 10th. These points are worth more the higher the star rating. Each vaulters top five placing will count, with the British championships being awarded double points.
The rankings will still be split into Child, Junior and Senior with trophies awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each for male and Female.
The points awarded are as follows:
3* 1st place = 50 points, 2nd place= 49 etc down to 20th place =31 points
2* 1st = 40 points, 2nd=39 etc down to 20th = 21 points
1* 1st=30 points, 2nd= 29 etc down to 20th = 11 points
Novice 1st = 20 points, 2nd= 19 etc down to 20th = 1 point
Pre novice 1st = 10 points, 2nd=9 down to 10th = 1 point

The maximum points that can be achieved are as follows:

Senior 3* 300,
Senior 2* 240,
Senior 1* 180,
Senior Novice 100,
Senior Pre-Novice 60
Junior 2* 240,
Junior 1* 180,
Junior Novice 100,
Junior Pre-Novice 60
Child 2* 240,
Child 1* 180,
Child Novice 100,
Child Pre-Novice 60
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