Join as a Vaulter - Individual membership

All vaulters must be a member of BEV so that they are protected by the insurance policy that BEV provides. So if you are vaulting with a British Equestrian Vaulting club, then you must be a BEV member so that everyone is protected.

There are different types of membership, from adult, youth, associate and temporary memberships designed to cover vaulters having a trial session with a club. Memberships are based on your age and the classes that you are competing in at competitions.

Adult Membership.

If you are 16 years or older in the year that you are joining or renewing your membership, then you need to be an adult member. An adult membership gives you full voting rights and enables members to be nominated as a candidate for the BEV Committee.

Many parents, judges and supporters of BEV are adult members, so you don’t need to be vaulting to join. However, if you do vault, then you need to belong to a club.

This year, the annual membership is £40

Youth Membership

A Youth membership is needed for any vaulter 15 years and under  in the year that they are joining or renewing their membership.

A Youth membership is needed for vaulters who compete in any of the affiliated classes at a competition. So if you are competing in pre-novice, novice, child or junior (provided you are 15 or under) then you need a Youth membership. Youth members need to belong to a vaulting club too.

This year, the annual membership is £30.

Associate Membership

This membership is for vaulters who are training with a club and want to compete in walk classes only. There is no age limit to be an associate member.

If during any year you want to compete in an affiliated class, then vaulters 15 and under would need to upgrade their membership by paying the difference between an associate fee and a youth fee. If the vaulter was 16 or over then they would need to upgrade to an adult membership.

This year, the annual membership is £14.

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