Team GBR 2018

Senior Championships 2019

Ermelo, NED will host the Championships for 2019. This year Team GBR will be sending the senior squad and one female individual to represent our country.

The English Vaulting Squad have an `all that Jazz theme` they will Vault on Demezza Lunged by Suzi Cusick. The team is Carys Morgan, Felix Moreton, Corrine Bottley, Ursulla Levett, Ruby Huhges and Millie Jesset. Julie Newell is Reserve lunger and River of Thyme is Reserve horse.

Emma Counsell

I’ve been vaulting since 2008 and competing internationally since 2012. I’ve competed at World and European championships as a junior but this is my first time getting selected as a senior and I’ll be vaulting on Jays Fortitude

Junior World Championships 2019

Ermelo NED will also be hosting the 2019 Junior World Championships.

British Equestrian Vaulting have selected a Junior team, one male individual, three female individuals and one Pas de Deux to represent GBR this year.

The south of Scotland Select Squad have a `Take That ` theme this year. The squad is Minta Younger, Henry JohnstonSmith, Elsa Hibbert, Beth Hay, Hettie Pinchbeck and Romily Hayton. They will Vault on Bankey Moon lunged by Rebecca Hewit. Stacey Macpherson is reserve lunger and Briardale Lothario is Reserve horse.

Henry Johnston-Smith

I started competitively vaulting in 2009 but I have been vaulting on and off since 2006.

When I started, I never thought I was going to be good enough to get anywhere other than novice but as the years progressed, I moved up the classes until I got onto the SSS Squad. It seemed I was better at propping than I was at flying! This championship will by my 5th time competing with the squad, my first championships happened to be in Holland as well.

Individually this will be my 2nd time competing at a championship, my first was in Austria in 2017. My theme is Johnny English, keeping the Rowan Atkinson theme from the Mr. Bean theme of 2017/18.

Araminta Younger

I’ve been vaulting since 2008 when I was 4 years old, I have been coming on vaulting trips since then to watch my sister and I had always wanted to be part of the SSS squad. In 2014 I then got onto the squad as a flyer and have competed at every championship since 2015. This year my role in team has been flipped around and it’s my first year competing as a prop. This year will be my 2nd year that I’ve been selected as an individual vaulting on Bankey Moon.

Kerri Brykla

I started Vaulting in 2013 and I have been hooked ever since. I became a flyer for SEVT in 2014 where I competed at many high level competitions representing Great Britain. My favourite so far is Aachen in 2015. Individually, I have achieved top ranking child and junior female in Great Britain as well as being Scottish and British champion. My favourite individual has been my Jack Frost theme. This year as well as competing individually I will be doing pairs with Katie Henderson which I really enjoy as we have such a great friendship and the theme suits us both really well. I can’t wait to go to the worlds this year as I know it’s going to be so much fun with all of the vaulters!

Katie Henderson

Katie started vaulting at the age of 6 after seeing a display by Riders of the Storm at the Drymen show. She started vaulting regularly with Wee County Vaulters two years later and was invited to join SEVT in 2014. Katie was travelling reserve with the SEVT Senior squad selected to compete at the European Championships in Aachen 2015 and although she didn’t get to compete, it made her more determined to be selected to represent Great Britain. Katie started competing in Junior 2 star classes in 2018 and was individual travelling reserve for the European Championships in the same year. Katie obtained her senior 3 star score at Saumur in 2019 and was delighted to be selected to represent Great Britain at the World Championships for Juniors in 2019.

Kerri and Katie have been close friends since Kerri joined Wee County Vaulters in 2013. They trained together as flyers for the 2015 European Championships Squad and have since competed regularly as part of the SEVT junior squad. The girls started training as a pas de deux in early 2018 and their hard work as part of the squad helped them quickly develop a strong performance in pas de deux. Kerri and Katie represented Great Britain at the European Championships for Juniors in Hungary in 2018. The girls produced an impressive second round performance to climb to an impressive 4th place despite being the youngest partnership in the class. In 2019 they wowed the audience in Saumur finishing in first place with their fun, yet slick routine. They have been training hard and competing regularly at national competitions aiming to prepare for the World Championships for Juniors in Ermelo this summer.

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