Team GBR 2016

Senior World Championships

Senior Female Individual

We had two Senior Female Individual vaulters representing Team GB at Le Mans in 2016,  Lucy Phillips and Hannah Young.

Lucy vaulted on Pitucelli and was lunged by Liz Philips and finished the competition in 11th place. Hannah vaulted on Robbie and was lunged by Liz MacKay, Hannah was 28th.

Well done to both our Senior female Individuals

Senior Pas de Deux

Jessica Haynes and Katie Hirst performed their Pas de Deux on Voodo and were lunged by Julie Newell. Jessica and Katie secured 12th place in the Senior  Pas de Deux.

Senior Squad

The Senior Squad gave an amazing performance to the theme tune from Sherlock Holmes. The team were Ricky Davis, Stacey Macpherson, Luke Smith, Romilly Hayton  and Imogen Bexon. The team vaulted on Last Chance V and were lunged by Julie Newell. This team were placed 11th.

European Junior Championships

The Junior Squad were Henry Johnston-Smith, Emma Councell, Sophie Thomson, Araminta Younger, Ally Simmonds and Aimee Gillie, vaulting on Bankey Moon and lunged by Rebecca Hewitt. Our Junior Squad secured 8th place – it was an a outstanding performance.

Junior Individuals

Our Junior Male Individual competing in 2016, was Athol Pettinger, vaulting on Robbie and lunged by Liz MacKay. Athol finished in 7th place.

We had two Junior Female Individuals competing this year,  Kerry Brykla and Lisa Mercer both vaulting on W.H.Bentley and lunged by John Eccles. Kerry finished in 13th place and Lisa was right behind her in 14th place.

It was another excellent performance from all vaulters.

Junior Pas de Deux

Two Pas de Deux teams represented Team GB this year.

Bryony Rawding and Kerry Brykla vaulting on W.H. Bentley and lunged by John Eccles. This Junior Pas de deux secured 6th place, they had a great competition.

Athol Pettinger and Kirsten Henderson vaulting on ILPH Islay and lunged by Liz MacKay. Athol and Kirsten took 8th place.


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